A Vehicle Extraction Series From Jiu Jitsu Five-O

No more tug-of-war and uneccessary force. Learn modern techniques and tactics to safely and efficiently remove uncooperative subjects from vehicles. This series covers everything from removing the seatbelt, to getting the suspect out of the vehicle and into cuffs. You'll also learn how to work as a team to make these techniques even more effective.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome Message From Jiu Jitsu Five-O

    2. Legal Disclaimer

    1. Officer Safety & Tactics

    1. Removing Hands From the Wheel // Grip & Rip

    2. Removing Hands From the Wheel // Estima or Corkscrew Grip

    1. Removing the Seatbelt // Primary Officer Techniques

    2. Removing the Seatbelt // Cover Officer Techniques

    3. Removing the Seatbelt // Putting it All Together

    1. Extraction Techniques // Head Clinch

    2. Extraction Techniques // Shoulder Lock

    3. Extraction Techniques // Shoulder Lock With Head Push

    4. Extraction Techniques // Kimura

    5. Extraction Techniques // Straight Ankle Lock vs. Kicking Subject

    6. Extraction Techniques // Estima or Corkscrew Footlock vs. Kicking Subject

    1. Kimura Cuffing Setup

About this course

  • $75.00
  • 18 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

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Vehicle Extractions // Shoulder Lock Technique

Your Instructor

Jason Swartz

Founder, Jiu Jitsu Five-O

Jason is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt and former Police Officer of 11 years. During his career he primarily worked patrol and was also assigned as a lead combative tactics instructor, field training officer, firearms instructor and department training officer. He is the recipient of three life-saving awards and multiple department commendations and unit citations. He currently trains and teaches Jiu Jitsu full time to both law enforcement and civilians through in-person seminars and Jiu Jitsu Five-O's digital platforms.